————— new album “ELEMENTS” soon available! —————

Skins, Strings & Winds is the project of the Swiss-Italian drummer Lucio Marelli. It combines Indian music with jazz and related styles.

The Indian rhythms and rhythm language play a central role in this musical encounter. Here, spoken rhythmic patterns are adapted to the instruments in a virtuoso manner.

On the other hand, the repertoire also includes pieces from jazz and folk as well as original compositions by the individual musicians. The interplay of guitar, saxophone, bass, tabla and drums creates a finely woven whole that transports the listener into a fascinating world full of rhythms and melodies.

Simon Spiess is currently one of the hottest Swiss saxophonists. His sensitive playing, which gets under your skin, perfectly complements Oliver Pellets' masterful and multi-faceted guitar playing. Supported by Stephan Kurmann's filigree bass playing, they encounter the rousing rhythms with which the two percussionists drive the band to musical heights.